Research Visibility

Our research is available on the following platforms

AVRI Website

The website ensures that newsletters and information is available to anyone requiring information on AVRI. Link:

Eye Research Africa (ERA): Bulletin

The Eye Research Africa (ERA) Bulletin is aimed at providing a forum for researchers to showcase summaries of their key research, announce training workshops and other activities and create greater interaction among African researchers. Although the newsletter has been established by the African Vision Research Institute (AVRI), all Eye Health research networks are invited to profile their research institution, organization or foundation as well as provide other relevant activity reports. ERA will contribute to the discourse around avoidable blindness and vision impairment research, foster collaborations, and promote further research and the sharing of new information and ideas. 

African Vision Research Network (AVREN)

A section on the AVRI website is dedicated to AVREN in order to offer a forum for an exchange of ideas, resources and skills. The intension was to expand this network to all African institutes. AVREN is a research network that links academics, researchers, universities, research institutions and organisations in Africa. This research network presents an array of opportunities as researchers working together will be able to achieve a common goal of adding to or producing new scientific knowledge.